Chameleon Task Manager Lite

Advanced process monitoring utility that lets users configure automatic actions for each process when it comes to CPU, RAM, HDD usage and more.

  • Chameleon Task Manager Lite
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  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :NeoSoft Tools

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Chameleon Task Manager Lite Description

Chameleon Task Manager Lite is a process monitoring utility which basically acts like Microsoft’s default Task Manager. However, it comes packed with extra features for helping users easily terminate, restart and prioritize active processes, as well as set up multiple automatic actions when it comes to their behavior.

Simple and elegant interface

The interface has simple lines and it is somewhat intuitive. All active processes are immediately loaded into a list at startup, list which includes their CPU, memory and disk usage, along with app description.

Take control over each process

It is possible to stop or restart a selected process, change its affinity and priority level (between idle and real time), optimize memory, create a shortcut, open its location in Windows Explorer, and view file properties.

Configure automatic actions for each process

As far as process settings are concerned, users can move selected apps to a quarantine if any suspicious activities originate from them, cancel all global monitoring settings for a selected program, and force it to close when the PC powers off. In addition, it is possible to define CPU, RAM and HDD usage settings for each process, ask Chameleon Task Manager to terminate or restart a program automatically when it freezes, synchronize it with another app or file, and more.

Evaluation and conclusion

This little utility certainly has a lot of tricks up its sleeve. It has a great response time and worked smoothly during our evaluation, without hanging, crashing or popping up error dialogs. If any users are pondering on a replacement for Task Manager, Chameleon Task Manager is certainly worth taking into account.

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