Chameleon Explorer Lite

A simple and user-friendly application aimed to replace your Windows File Explorer and allow you to work with multiple folders in tabs.

  • Chameleon Explorer Lite
  • Version :
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :NeoSoft Tools

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Chameleon Explorer Lite Description

Chameleon Explorer Lite is an intuitive and very easy to work with piece of software whose main function consists of helping you browse through your system folders and files, acting as an alternative to the OS provided File Explorer.

Clean and approachable user interface

Following a quick and easy installation process, you can start working with the application straight away, as its looks are not too distant from your regular File Explorer, so as to pose minimal difficulty.

By default, Chameleon Explorer Lite is hidden from view but can easily be called out by means of a non-customizable hotkey (Win+A) or by clicking your mouse’s middle button, revealing a menu in the center of your desktop that lets you access your Desktop, libraries, local or network drives.

Explorer your system and manage your files with ease

With the help of the program, you can create temporary workspaces and keep everything you need close by. In addition, it enables you to quickly access different directories from the numerous menus in the ribbon of the main window.

From the left-side panel, you can view and access folders or drives from your system. A notable difference from the built-in File Explorer is represented by tabs, as Chameleon Explorer Lite allows you to open several directories simultaneously, in the same window, for easier access.

When displaying the contents of a storage space, you can apply ‘Filters’ and only show audio or video files, images or documents. You can also create custom ‘Filters’ and decide which type of files to include or exclude.

A handy alternative to the Windows File Explorer

As a conclusion, Chameleon Explorer Lite is a useful and practical utility that you can resort to, should you feel that your regular File Explorer is not sufficiently capable of dealing with your needs. For even more advanced features, you can try Chameleon Explorer Pro.

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