CH Professional Edition

Teach or learn C/C++ code using this interactive and intuitive cross-platform application that supports various functions, expressions and programs.

  • CH Professional Edition
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  • Publisher:SoftIntegration Inc

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CH Professional Edition Description

CH Professional Edition is a complex and comprehensive C / C++ interactive platform designed to aid both learner and teacher. It can execute code directly, without compilation or intermediate code.

A powerful tool designed to help users learn C / C++ code

The application is easy to install and requires a bit of hard disk space. The interface is clean and all its features are organized in various menus. The scripts and commands are color coded in order to help the users get a better view of their code.

CH is a cross-platform interpreter. It is compliant with international standards and supports over 8,000 functions, including POSIX, socket/Winsock, X11/Motif, OpenGL, ODBC, C LAPACK, GTK+, Win32, XML and CGI. One of the application’s better features is the fact that C / C++ programs can run without any compilation.

Execute functions in an interactive command window

Users can write expressions, statements, functions and run programs in the CH command window. This allows rapid prototyping and can be used in classrooms to illustrate problems or answer student questions. It caters to the needs of beginners and experts alike, helping difficult topics to be explained successfully.

The application is not just a simple compiler. It also provides extensive debug features, enabling users to set up breakpoints, run programs one step at a time as well as overview and alter variables during execution. It provides a great deal of functionality.

CH Professional Edition is more than your average C / C++ interpreter

The program provides a number of other features adjacent to the coding language. It handles mathematical functions for linear algebra and matrix computations, easily competing with specialized software. Furthermore, users can plot 2D / 3D graphics by using code, as well as an animation module to display and animate various objects.

As a conclusion, CH Professional Edition is a complex and versatile software. It helps beginners to learn code and experts to display various difficult topics. The application offers great functionality and support for international standards. It is not cheap, but there is good value for money to be had.

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