Cevelop C++ IDE

Write and compile code by relying on this advanced Eclipse-based C++ IDE that packs a comprehensive set of tools and also comes with support for the a wide array of plug-ins.

  • Cevelop C++ IDE
  • Version :1.8.0-201707131430
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Institute for Software

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Cevelop C++ IDE Description

Finding the most suitable C++ IDE is clearly not as simple as some might think since it implies that you take into account parameters like which operating system you’re currently running, if it comes with support for plugins and much resources it requires in order to compile.

Cevelop C++ IDE is a cross-platform piece of software that is developed from the ground up to tick all the boxes mentioned above.

Highly functional user interface

Provided that Java Runtime is installed on your computer, the utility undergoes a streamlined and surprise-free installation process. Getting to grips with the app should be quite simple even if you are a non-experienced C++ developer thanks to very intuitive wizard-based helpers.

The main window is quite well thought-out and follows the same visual patterns as other C++ IDEs with the menu bar that packs all the available features, a top toolbar that provides easy access to the most useful tools, a project explorer and the editor being the ones that stand out the most.

Packs a comprehensive set of tools and comes with support for multiple plug-ins

Probably one of the most important things that should be mentioned is the fact that the IDE smoothly integrates CUTE, a modern C++ development framework. Therefore, you can benefit from advantages like support for C++ seams and mock objects, code coverage visualization, automatic test registration and a smart differences-view for failed tests.

As expected, you also get a wide array of tools that help you debug and improve your code with one the Quick-Assistant being the most noteworthy of them all. In addition, you can make you code as tidy as possible by relying on multitude of provided refactorings.

Last but not least, since Cevelop C++ IDE is an Eclipse-based programming app, chances are you can install all the plug-ins that you are used to and make it even more suitable for your workflow.

Cross-platform, intuitive and powerful C++ IDE

To conclude, Cevelop C++ IDE provides a clean environment for C++ development and a set of notable advantages that should make it worthy of every professional developer’s attention.

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