A comprehensive and reliable application which aims to help you shutdown, reboot, logoff and even power on your computer at scheduled times.

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CESaver Description

CESaver is an advanced and efficient software solution whose main purpose consists of helping you automate your computer’s power options, enabling you to shutdown, reboot, log off or hibernate your system at predefined hours.

Initial configuration steps

During the setup process, you can select whether to install both the service and the client applications, or only one of them, depending on your needs and the role of the host PC.

The configuration of CESaver will be performed from the client component, where you can define the exact parameters for each operation as well as view a daily event log of its activity.

Schedule your computer’s power options to save energy

The program allows you to connect to the remote computer via your localhost and a custom port number, having the option to give it a grace period of several minutes. From the ‘Schedule’ tab, you can add various events on your calendar, easily setting them to occur at precise times.

To this purpose, you need to enter a ‘Subject’ and opt for an activity from the dedicated menu, namely ‘Shutdown’, ‘Reboot’, ‘StandBy’, ‘LogOff’, ‘Wake On LAN’, ‘Hibernate’ or ‘Power On’. After specifying the start and end times as well as the dates, you can configure the ‘Recurrence’ pattern, on a weekly, daily, monthly or yearly basis, or at custom intervals.

Moreover, CESaver is capable of monitoring network activity, Internet traffic, system services and processes, keyboard and mouse actions, being able to run any of the preferred power options after a period of inactivity, in order for your PC to save the energy it would otherwise consume while functioning unattended.

A handy automatic shutdown tool

To conclude, CESaver is a useful and reliable application that you can resort to for scheduling your PC or other machines in your network to reboot, hibernate or even power on automatically, at preferred moments in the day.

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