Central Monitoring System

Connect to your CyeWeb surveillance service and monitor all the connected cameras with ease directly from this powerful application.

  • Central Monitoring System
  • Version :2.3.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :NovoSun Technology

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Central Monitoring System Description

Since security is an ever growing concern nowadays, you need to consider turning to efficient services, so that you can always be prepared for unfortunate events, or even prevent them.

Fortunately, you can turn to a wide selection of dedicated software solutions, such as Central Monitoring System, that can help you achieve satisfactory results.

Please be aware that this program requires you to have CyeWeb and .NET Framework installed on your computer so it can run as intended.

Non-complicated setup

Although it is an advanced surveillance solution, this tool can be easily deployed on your computer, since you are only required to define the installation path and toggle shortcut creation on or off.

After you install it, you are prompted to type a user name and a password in the designated fields, so that the application can grant you access to its capabilities. If you are a new user, you need to hit the Sign Up button after providing it with the required credentials. Otherwise, you have to type valid authentication details and click the Log In button.

Configuration required

Once you access the main window, you need to adjust a series of parameters that are vital to this utility’s core functionality. You need to add a CyeWeb server by typing a name, address, video server port, service port, username and password and clicking the Get Camera/Channels Information button.

The Modules tab lets you enable various components for your surveillance system, such as E-Map, event handler, live view, panoramic view, playback and video wall.

Manage your surveillance system

Central Monitoring System can help you monitor your video surveillance system in an easy manner, by granting you access to all the connected cameras and enabling you to control them.

For instance, the Live View module lets you pan, focus and zoom freely, by providing you with relevant controls. More so, you can view and organize a list of recorded videos, and also play the items directly from the application, if needed.

The Video Wall feature displays all the connected cameras under the same window, thus enabling you to monitor each and every one of them without great difficulty.

Powerful video surveillance management tool with numerous functions

As a conclusion, Central Monitoring System is a reliable application that can help you manage your video surveillance system in an efficient manner, by providing you with several relevant features. Installing it on your computer can be done without effort, but configuring it requires you to have medium to advanced PC skills, thus proving itself to be less accessible to novices.

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