A tool which provides full featured script writing, media rich production support and the ability to collaborate all using one software.

  • Celtx
  • Version :2.9.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Greyfirst Corp

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Celtx Description

Celtx is a media pre-production tool designed to ease the work of those who work in the media production industry by providing a simple desktop utility for organizing the project information and making stories come alive. The application comes with all the necessary tools for writing scripts, plays, novels without using the pen and the paper.

Whether you want to create a film, a play, a storyboard, a comic book or a novel, several project templates and a sample collection are available, which makes the program so much easier to work with. If you want more, you can always design your own templates from scratch.

The graphical interface is well-organized and user-friendly, allowing you to navigate through the project library, view the scenes, print the script or save the whole project for later use. The media files are organized in different categories, so you can easily find sounds, documents and images.

Basic text editing tools are available (font type, color, zooming options and so on) and you have the possibility to add notes anywhere in the script. The index cards can be used for including additional details about every scene, while the included word collection (director indications, time words) can help you write the script faster.

Once the story is finished, you can adapt it to the screenplay or the stageplay, storyboard, audio play or the comic book. The chat tool can help you share project information much easier with the pre-production crew.

The title page, cast and other reports can be edited separately using the built-in templates. The program comes with predefined cast categories that you can automatically include in your project, from actors and cameramen to animal handlers.

Inline spell-checking, importing and exporting capabilities, character catalog and production scheduling are other features that this application comes with. Moreover, it includes advanced privacy options designed to protect your work from theft or unwanted access.

All in all, Celtx comes in handy to every person that is part of the pre-production process. It provides a simple way for sharing information and allows writers to unleash their creativity, without worrying that their script is misinterpreted.

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