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Keep your desktop clean and access various folders, applications, files or web pages more easily, with the help of this nifty application.

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Cecil Launcher Description

If you want to be able to access all of your important files, applications or folders easily, it is often necessary to clutter your desktop with numerous items, something many users prefer to avoid.

Cecil Launcher is a useful application that provides you with an alternative, as it enables you to store vital items in a toolbar that can be accessed by simply moving the mouse cursor to the upper edge of your screen.

Organize your desktop and reduce clutter

Once the program has been installed, you can access the toolbar mentioned above by moving the mouse cursor to the top part of the desktop. Of course, it will be empty by default, so you need to populate it.

Cecil Launcher allows you to add and run applications, folders, web pages or various other files, as well as run a piece of script code. It is capable of detecting which type of item you have added automatically, and it can trigger them upon logon or when they are clicked.

The added files, folders or web pages are organized in a tree-like structure, which means you can create multiple directories and view the contained items in a drop-down list.

Offers multiple customization options, but would benefit from some alternative themes

You can specify if the launcher menu should be displayed upon mouse hover, click or double-click, alter the height of the menu handle, customize the amount of padding and set the maximum size of menu icons.

However, the launch menu’s default style cannot be altered, as there are no other color themes to choose from. While it certainly does not look bad, many users would likely have appreciated some alternatives.

Useful tool that can help you keep your important items within reach

To sum up, Cecil Launcher is a handy application that provides you with an interesting method of reducing desktop clutter, as it allows you to store your files, folders, web pages and applications in an easily accessible toolbar.

It would benefit from some alternative color themes, but the program is very easy to use and does not put a significant strain on your system’s resources.

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