CCTV Design Lens Calculator

Figure out the ideal positioning of a fixed camera by editing distance and bounds details for high-quality result with the help of this lightweight, yet powerful tool.

  • CCTV Design Lens Calculator
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CCTV Design Lens Calculator Description

Since media is one of the most popular forms of entertainment, great effort needs to be put into calibrating a camera’s lens and positioning in order to provide a high-quality result. Luckily, with the help of application such as CCTV Design Lens Calculator you can accurately determine the proper positioning of your camera to capture desired areas.

Compact and easy to use interface

The application brings up a compact main window when launch, managing to cleverly store all of its features. Even though the name might trick you into believing that it’s dedicated to experts, the overall design allows anyone to understand and use it.

Determine the ideal camera position

There are two main aspects you get to work with, namely the view area and spatial resolution. The first allows you to carefully determine camera positioning so it can capture elements needed to meet demands. You get to view the camera from a horizontal and side projection, while editing installation height, view area upper and lower bounds calculating camera angle, as well as length and width of the view area.

Manage field of view regions

Furthermore, you can also access a spatial resolution section so you can determine and analyze the field of view. The area is split into multiple sections, each dedicated to one of the regions used according to CCTV Operational Requirements Manual, which are monitor and control, detect, observe, recognize, as well as identify.

Depending on your interests, the application lets you modify resolution or distance in order to obtain the equivalent of the other. In addition, you can bring up a screen that displays how the image would appear on the camera in all regions, with the possibility to pick from several pictures or choose your own.

Save details to an image file

What’s more, focal length, sensor used, aspect ratio, as well as vertical resolution can also be set, and this affects the way the previously mentioned screen displays content. In both of the main tabs you can choose to save info to an image file of popular formats.

A few last words

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that CCTV Design Lens Calculator is a practical application overall due to its clever design which provides accurate results while letting you quickly accommodate. It truly shines to determine the exact positioning of a camera used in a big studio or even a security one.

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