Feature-rich application which enables you to extract subtitles from video files, and save them to the hard drive in many formats.

  • CCExtractor
  • Version :0.84
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :carlos.fernandez

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CCExtractor Description

ccextractor is a small, yet powerful tool which was developed specifically to help people extract closed captions from movies, so that you can have subtitles on your computer.

After a quick and uneventful installation process, you come face to face with a fairly cluttered interface. It is built with several tabs, which will enable you to browse through all options available with ease.

This software program supports, at export, a large number of file types, including SRT, SAMI, TXT, TTML, RAW and BIN. Aside from that, there are many configurations you can adjust. To be more accurate, you can delay subtitles, choose encoding type, add color information or not, establish text position, apply particular capitalization rules and keep original type setting tags.

There are also many input options you can tinker with, so that you can get only the best results. It is possible to automatically detect the format you have imported or select it from a list (MP4, DVR-MS, RAW, BIN, WTV etc.), specify split type, input start and end time of processing, fix incorrect padding data and establish clock type (automatic, GOP, PTS).

Furthermore, you can add a custom text as start and end credits, write elementary stream to a file, enable XDS debug traces, print debug information about the analyzed elementary video stream, and output Program Association Table contents.

CPU and memory usage is insignificant, the interface is simple-to-use, the environment encloses enough options to keep you busy, the response time is good and therefore, we can safely say ccextractor is an efficient piece of software.

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