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A comprehensive software solution for all those who want to analyze their QuickTime-supported video files and extract user metadata.

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CatDV Pro Description

Managing one’s multimedia library can be a grueling task when faced with hundreds and even thousands of items. Fortunately, powerful digital tools have been developed to tackle just this issue and CatDV Pro is one such application. With it, users can maintain a neatly organized catalog of all multimedia files (tracks, clips and pictures), complete with informative thumbnails and metadata descriptions.

Provides integration with advanced professional editing systems

The program can import most types of files, including common Windows Media clips (WMVs, WMAs, and ASFs), as well as Quick-Time supported ones (MPEGs, AVIs, GIFs, and MP3s). Featuring a highly intuitive GUI setup, users need only employ the left-side tree view to navigate to their multimedia folder. Once located, all valid documents will display thumbnails (if available), and the file name.

If the thumbnails are not sufficient, as can be the case for clips, one can preview any multimedia file by employing the built-in player or viewer. So far, these features are also available with the standard version of the tool.

Employ thumbnail displays to locate files quickly

CatDV Pro distinguishes itself by providing advanced users with good integration with professional editing systems; also, it allows users to employ the built-in “Sequence editor” to cut frames. Also available with the Pro edition is the ability to catalog other file types, not just multimedia documents. These include PDFs and XMLs, for which users can even view metadata information.

Users of this edition also receive a higher degree of customization, both concerning the preview settings, but also the details shown for each clip and the overall layout of the panels. As with the standard version, the program can also convert multimedia files to several formats, including MPEGs, MOVs, MP4s or JPEGs.

The program catalogs the multimedia library and allows users to convert clips and tracks

All things considered, CatDV Pro is a detailed tool that can be particularly valuable for users with large multimedia libraries.

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