Catalyst Production Suite

Robust media preparation and production suite that includes tools for both pre- and post-processing footage, helping you obtain impressive results.

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Catalyst Production Suite Description

Turning a simple video into a masterpiece worthy of the appreciation of the wide audience is not easy. The media production industry relies on some of the most advanced media production applications out there to prepare raw footage for production and to enhance the result in post-production.

Developed by Sony, Catalyst Production Suite delivers a robust pre- and post-production toolbox ready to take up any challenge. With advanced correction tools for pre-processing and editing capabilities, it promises to shorten the road from camera to final product with no compromise on quality.

The Catalyst Production Suite comprises two different applications, namely Catalyst Prepare and Catalyst Edit, both with names that clearly suggest their purpose.

Media pre-processing and organizing

Catalyst Prepare ensures compatibility with an assortment of media formats captured with different camera models and stored on various memory cards. Aiming to streamline workflow, it can read and extract data directly from a compatible device, allowing you to organize media files into bins and build your storyboards.

Aside from media browsing, Catalyst Prepare allows pre-processing editing, providing basic color adjustment options, as well as marking and cutting capabilities to help you cut unimportant pieces and create sub-clips. The result can be exported to various formats and imported in Catalyst Edit for further enhancing.

Create stunning footage using effects, filters and transitions

The other component of the suite is Catalyst Edit, the application that can help you get from footage to the finished product, ready for hitting the small or big screen. For your convenience, it can access the Catalyst Prepare libraries directly to import media content.

Catalyst Edit features support for Sony RAW, 4K, and HD videos and delivers the cutting and post-processing tools you need to create beautiful scenes where detail is the centerpiece. It can work with high dynamic range footage and integrates an intuitive timeline that supports rippling and live previewing, as well as audio mixing.

Plus, Catalyst Edit is compatible with OpenFX plug-ins to lend you a helping hand in adjusting videos and enhancing their quality using built-in or third-party effects, filters, and transitions.

Media prep and editing toolbox for professionals and not only

Comprising tools for both pre-production and post-processing, Catalyst Production Suite can assist you step-by-step from idea to screen. Organize clips, create the raw story and prep the video for editing with Catalyst Prepare, and then use Catalyst Edit to improve the footage and start sketching the final product. Both apps are rather intuitive, but you should take the time to discover what each feature does, so as to really take advantage of the suite’s capabilities.

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