Cat Player

Play Blu-ray discs, skip to the desired chapter or switch the audio and subtitle tracks with ease, in this video rendering application.

  • Cat Player
  • Version :1.3.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :BDBOOM

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Cat Player Description

Cat Player enables you to play various types of video files, in particular from Blu-ray discs. The program can read the Blu-ray media contents, as well as the information regarding the chapters, audio streams and subtitles.

Open video files and navigate through them

Cat Player features a simplistic interface, which features the video rendering area and the toolbar: the Play button, the menu shortcut, volume adjusting slider and the navigation bar. The context menu, which can be accessed by right-clicking on the video area, displays the options regarding the audio and subtitle tracks.

Moreover, you can view the chapter’s list and easily skip to the part in the movie that you wish to watch. You may open a different file or view the information about the current video, in a separate window. The program supports most of the common video formats.

Decoding and extracting videos from Blu-ray discs

Cat Player can not only render the Blu-ray disc movies, but it can also help you decode and extract the media contents, as M2TS files, to your computer. The moment a Blu-ray disc video is loaded, the program retrieves the list of chapters in a browser page, from where, you can easily download them to your PC.

The program offers support for rendering high definition formats, such as H.265, BD+, 4K and M2TS. Decoding and extracting the files from the disc are very slow processes, which take up significant amounts of resources. They may cause other applications or even Cat Player itself to crash.

Simplistic interface and no options

Cat Player features a minimalistic interface, with few functions that you can access. It does not allow you to change playback options, switch between codecs or make other settings. While it supports high definition formats, the program is not optimized for smoothly rendering them: the image frequently freezes for a second or two. It is also not optimized for opening URLs.

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