Carambis ScreenShooter

Capture the desktop, a selected area or just the currently focused window with this application that can save images to PNG format or store them in the Clipboard.

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Carambis ScreenShooter Description

Capturing desktop screens can have multiple uses, from simple entertainment to serving as educational aids; these images can also be highly valuable when contacting technical support for software-related issues. Carambis ScreenShooter is one such application, providing users with a stable and practical solution for all their capturing needs.

Capture a desktop area with just a few mouse clicks or a keystroke

The program allows one to create images of the desktop, a selected area or just the currently focused window. The system tray area-residing program is very lightweight, both in terms of size (installer weighs in at just under 1 Mb), but also on the strain put on system resources. The tool is highly intuitive and newcomers will not waste any time trying to learn commands.

This is possible because the utility features a very simple layout with no redundant windows. Also, the key functions – capturing the entire desktop, an area, or the focused window, feature customizable hotkeys, through which one can bypass the tray area context menu.

Send snapshots to FTP

Once a capture command has been issued, the application automatically loads the snapshot into its editor, where basic adjustments can be performed. These include adding arrows or rectangle shapes, as well as text boxes. All these items, including the font employed, can be customized with regard to the color palette.

Blurring and cropping objects is also possible and, once satisfied with the results, users can save the document locally (PNG format), send it to Clipboard for easy transfer to other programs, or upload it to a FTP.

The utility takes entire desktop screenshots, or just area and window snapshots and saves them to disk

All in all, Carambis ScreenShooter is a good tool for anyone who needs to save the desktop to a PNG document.

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