Capture Nexum Student Edition

Conveniently design, visualize and manage a lighting design for various light shows you organizing using this intuitive software solution.

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Capture Nexum Student Edition Description

Capture Nexum Student Edition is an application that enables you to design advanced lighting systems for live shows carried in theaters and concert halls.

Includes a friendly GUI with three simulator

Following a quick and uneventful setup, you are welcomed by an appealing interface that comprises three views and simulators, namely Alpha, Beta and Gamma. You should know that you can configure them so that they provide you with the information you need to make the best arrangement of the lighting units.

The simulator settings allow you to switch between views, depending on the prerequisites of your projects. Therefore, you can enable the Live 3D rendering view, employ the Plot view to create designs for more efficient placement of equipment or Wireframe, the default view that supports 3D, but that does not allow rendering outside the wireframe. You should keep in mind that the app supports the custom view, an option that features various preset camera positions as well as user-enabled ones.

Comes with an extensive library

A further noteworthy feature of the program is the rich library it includes, particularly as it contains numerous layers, presets, materials and objects that you can integrate into your assembly. The library also comes with electronics, music accessories, furniture, instruments, staircases, shapes and even people, so that you can easily simulate the actual scene of the live show and examine the light propagation.

Besides the aforementioned items, the application features symbols, motion controls, lighting fixtures, filters and gobo templates that you can customize to your liking. On a side note, you should keep in mind that although you hide layers, the app still accounts them as physically present. Consequentially, you can use the function to set up your stage design accurately and to the very detail without having to worry about adverse effects due to hidden objects.

A tool that can come in handy for stage technicians

If you are a stage technician or a designer who is regularly in charge of managing the stage for various shows, then perhaps Capture Nexum Student Edition can help you with setting up the lights for the live event.

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