Caps Lock Detector

A lightweight and simple program that is able to let you know when your Caps Lock button is activated or not by changing its icon color.

  • Caps Lock Detector
  • Version :1.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Benjamin Simpson

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Caps Lock Detector Description

Caps Lock Detector is a useful piece of software that was developed to offer you the means of keeping track of the status of eponymous key, without having to repeatedly check your keyboard.

Simple yet practical appearance

The utility features a very basic interface with no customizable features about it, its only changing characteristic consisting of the fact that it adjusts its color in accordance with the status of your Caps Lock.

While it may be able to run minimized to the taskbar, it does not run in the notification area so make sure you do not close its main window, otherwise it ceases to function.

Always know when Caps Lock is on or off

Caps Lock Detector does not need you to do anything other than launch it, and it will automatically determine whether your case changing key has been pressed or not, altering its icon color accordingly.

Even when minimized to that taskbar, the application is still able to alert you if Caps Lock happens to be activated, simply by turning from red (disabled) to green (enabled). This way, it will instantly draw your attention and you will be less likely to type your passwords wrong, due to unawareness of the fact that you are using upper case letters.

No installation necessary

Moreover, Caps Lock Detector is a portable tool, which basically means that there is no need to install it on your system, as it is designed to function without having you sit through lengthy and cumbersome procedures.

As a result, you can store the utility on a removable media drive and carry it with you wherever you need, be it at home or at the office, using it on all compatible systems, to save yourself the trouble of accidentally typing with your Caps Lock on and having to redo the whole thing.

Handy Caps Lock status tool

All things considered, Caps Lock Detector proves to be quite an efficient program, that is able to instantly sense any change in the status of the Caps Lock button, alerting you to the modification as soon as it occurs.

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