Canon Quick Menu

A centralized management application developed by Canon that can easily start the programs and manuals supplied with a printer or a scanner.

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Canon Quick Menu Description

Canon Quick Menu is a handy and reliable product aimed at providing you with a central access point for applications and documentation supplied with Canon printers.

In addition to this, it also installs My Image Garden, yet another project of the company that allows you to view, organize and print your photo collection and scan images with a Canon printer.

Canon Quick Menu relies on a streamlined installation process that will have the application up and about in just a few minutes. It can be managed from the system tray, where it resides without bothering you from computer work.

A simple double-click on the tray icon suffices to call its minimalistic control panel, where you will find shortcuts to My Image Garden, to the Image Display component that creates unique slideshows of local photos and finally, to the main menu of the software where settings related to your Canon device can be customized.

In order to enjoy My Image Garden, you need to download and install it first, which can be done more comfortably through the application’s engine. The use of the Image Display feature is also conditioned by the presence of My Image Garden, therefore it’s advisable to accommodate the application.

Adjusting the options of your Canon device, as well as access to web services, manuals and maintenance is provided by the main component. If you have multiple Canon devices connected to the computer, you can select the one to be configured using the Preferences section.

In conclusion, Canon Quick Menu can be of great use to anyone that owns a Canon printer or scanner, as it provides access to virtually all aspects of such a device. The added benefit is provided by My Image Garden, which arranges for a cool way to manage digital photos.

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