Schedule your webcam to automatically take snapshots as frequently as you choose, while also applying some amusing effects to your images.

  • CamTimer
  • Version :1.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Imowl Ananda

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CamTimer Description

When you are on a trip and you want to make sure your pet is feeling alright without you, you can rely on CamTimer, provided your home PC also has a webcam connected to it.

This application helps you take frequent snapshots of your webcam stream, according to a schedule you set up.

Portable app for capturing webcam activity

One of the greatest advantages of CamTimer is that it is a portable utility that does not need to be installed onto the computer in order to enjoy its functions. Moreover, it does not add any new keys to the Windows Registry, which is one of the reasons why PCs eventually slow down or crash.

It goes without saying that you need to connect a camera to your computer, be it a webcam or an IP camera (several models are supported).

Schedule taking webcam snapshots

The application makes it easy for all users to create a schedule for taking frequent snapshots using their webcam. You need to start by selecting the target folder and setting up a pattern for naming the generated images (JPG is the only supported format for the output snapshots).

You can also specify the frequency (in hours), as well as the week-days you are interested in and start and end times.

Apply funny effects to webcam snapshots

Additionally, CamTimer allows you to apply a wide range of filters before taking any snapshot, so as to obtain entertaining and amusing effects.

Before choosing the one you like best, you can preview them in real-time by clicking each one while the webcam is connected.

All in all, CamTimer is a nifty utility that can help you take webcam snapshots according to a custom schedule, while also getting the possibility to enhance them with several funny effects.

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