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View image files from your computer and organize them by creating custom albums in a quick, convenient manner by using this application.

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Camera360 Photos Store App Description

If you have an extensive photo gallery on your computer and need an easy, convenient way to view and organize them, you can turn to third-party apps in order to achieve this.

Camera360 Photos Store App is one of the software solutions that can help you by providing you with a simple, efficient environment.

User-friendly interface

This program comes with a smooth, user-friendly interface that encompasses a handful of interactive functions, which are straightforward and well-organized, letting you access them without significant efforts.

The configuration menu this application provides you with is simple and lets you adjust a few parameters, such as toggling photo cloud services, specifying a default gallery location, add more image sources and enable a live tile.

View image files on your PC

You can turn to Camera360 Photos Store App if you need to view images from your computer in an intuitive manner and with minimum difficulty. Once you open the app, it automatically detects photos available in your Pictures library and imports them for easy access.

The main window lets you view all the photos identified in the specified locations by navigating to the All Photos section and also organize them by their date by browsing the Moment category. Clicking a thumbnail displays the picture at its original size and lets you add it to your Favorites list, delete it or set it as a background image.

Edit and organize photos

Aside from its image viewing capabilities, this application also lets you organize your image content by storing them into user-created albums. In order to create an album, you just need to assign it a name and specify the content you want to include within it.

More so, it is possible to perform basic image adjustments for each image file by clicking the Edit button. Among the adjustable parameters you can find contrast, brightness or sharpness. However, you can also add visual filters by selecting them from the dedicated menu.

Image viewer and organizer with basic editing capabilities

To wrap it up, Camera360 Photos Store App is a handy image viewer and organizer that features basic editing functions. It comes with a user-friendly interface and packs intuitive tools, making it possible for a wide variety of users, rookies and professionals alike, to operate its controls with minimum efforts.

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