Allows you to stream and record various cameras on your desktop simultaneously from multiple sources, with integrated motion detection.

  • CamDVR
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  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :CrazyPixels

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CamDVR Description

Webcams and online cameras are extremely varied, there are several that are constantly streamed online that users can access and view at any point. CamDVR is an application that can load and stream multiple webcams at the same time onto their desktop, from a variety of different video sources, as well as record the footage displayed.

An easy-to-use interface that can set up multiple streams in only a few moments

CamDVR features a very simple interface, streaming webcams via a program can be difficult, but the application makes it easy. Users select the Add New Camera option from the Camera menu, which opens up a separate window with various options. A selection of different camera formats are available and, when the URL of the camera they want is entered, then the image loads up. A test option is available, which allows users to preview the image, but that is it.

The software supports multiple cameras at once, from various different formats, including online cameras of various varieties, personal webcams, different video feeds from media players, as well as online sources like Youtube. However, this comes at a price, the ability to record from multiple streams will cost, so the versatility is a must.

CamDVR offers a multitude of different options to manage and optimize the multiple streams

Users can – if the program is used to its limit – stream up to 11 different cameras at once, not including the option to have multiple feeds displayed in a single slot. Given how many streams that is, CamDVR offers several options to minimize the strain on the bandwidth and make the application as efficient as possible.

The main feature is the ability to include a motion detector, which only displays the stream if any movement has taken place compared to previous frames. The tool is a useful addition, especially for those who have slower connections, as well as for those who only want to see active webcams. There is also a schedule option, to connect certain webcams at specific times, to view and record from a specific webcam, at a specific time.

A useful and interesting program that provides great functionality, at a price that reflects its versatility

All in all, CamDVR is very easy to use and enables users to make the most of different online webcams and live streams. Its various features and format compatibility is extremely useful, but the whole application comes with a cost that might put some users off. While there is no lack of features, the price does put out casual users out of the range.

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