A comprehensive and reliable software solution that helps you to easily block your webcam and protect yourself from being spied on.

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CamBlocker Description

Whether you want to block all the connected webcams when you don’t need them or simply protect yourself from being spied on, CamBlocker comes in handy.

Using this application you are able to block the access to your webcam so no one can use it. This way, you can rest assured that your webcam will be protected against unauthorized users.

Considering that there are many applications able to access other people’s webcam and enable you to preview the captured images from your computer, an extra layer of protection is required when using such external devices.

However, since search engines stay at each one’s disposal, you might need to use such apps like CamBlocker when webcams are connected to your PC. Not only to restrict other people’s access to your webcam, but to protect yourself from such threats.

The main window of the applications displays all of the connected webcams. This way, you can easily block the ones you are not interested in or don’t use anymore.

Additionally, you can view notifications and alerts, as well as block video capture when the device is plugged in.

What’s more, CamBlocker enables you to lock the application so no one from your office or home access the webcam. By selecting the proper option from the drop-down list (located in the title bar), you can easily set up a new password and block CamBlocker.

This way, each time unauthorized users want to unlock the webcam, the application will display a small window that requires them to specify the password in order to run properly.

To wrap it up, CamBlocker comes in handy for users who need to control the access to their webcam and disable / enable video capture when the device is plugged in.

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