A simple and very accessible application designed to help you record videos from your webcam or from a movie being played in your browser.

  • Cam2AVI
  • Version :1.542
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Denis Verreault

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Cam2AVI Description

Cam2AVI is a basic yet efficient piece of software whose main purpose resides in enabling you to grab videos from a variety of sources, including media players, Internet browsers or webcams.

Portability advantages

The application requires no installation in order to function properly, so you can launch it immediately after downloading and decompressing the archive.

Consequently, this means you can store and run it from a USB stick or other such removable memory drives, without leaving a trace in the host system’s registry.

Automatically capture videos from a variety of sources

Cam2AVI has a distinct method of functioning, meaning that once you launch it and click the ‘Record’ button in its main window, it will detect the currently playing video and start to capture it to AVI format, storing the output movie in the folder it is running from. The ‘Play Avi’ button lets you watch the file in the built-in media player. Optionally, it can also record the audio stream to WAV.

The program automatically detects motion on your screen and creates a frame which will be preserved throughout the capture procedure, regardless of the fact that the movie may be a webcam, a media player or a browser window. However, make sure that the window maintains the same size, or you risk having the image cropped.

Cam2AVI supports ‘Low’, ‘Medium’ and ‘High’ quality capture. In addition, it features a series of customizable options, enabling you to choose the preferred ‘Compressor’, the ‘Recording Parameters’, the ‘Playback Framerate’, as well as the name your file will be saved under; these settings are not preserved from session to session.

A useful movie grabbing utility

To conclude, Cam2AVI is a simple yet reliable video recording tool that can easily capture movies from any playing window, saving them to AVI format and even allowing you to watch them in the integrated player.

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