A useful application that can keep track of your warehouse inventory and manage your product orders, suppliers and general store activity.

  • Calus
  • Version :5.4.3
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :RGPSoft

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Calus Description

Calus Plus has been developed to help keep tabs on the flow of products coming in and out of a storage area as well as the suppliers and customers involved in the business.

Simple, easy to use interface

Even if it is an application aimed at a business environment the interface is easy to understand as the menus are neatly organized in a ribbon bar and the options are intuitive. The developer also makes available sufficient information about how the program can be used.

The menus allow introducing data about the products in the storage area, with plenty of details about their whereabouts, price, VAT applied and discount available. The application calculates automatically the sale price taking into account the aforementioned information.

Keeping tabs on products, customers and suppliers

Shipping the products in or out of the warehouse can also be recorded and the entries provide information about the total price, tax paid as well as the customer or supplier involved in the transaction.

Although it is not professional software, Calus Plus can be used to store invoices and orders from suppliers for a better management of the business. It is also good to get the idea of organizing the business so that the products are managed easily and you know how much there is on stock and what needs to be ordered from suppliers.

Also present is the possibility to store details about customers and suppliers, such as city of residence, contact information or discounts that may be applied thanks to doing regular business with them.

A built-in calendar enables the manager to check for various upcoming activities and to make sure that important appointments are not missed.


Calus Plus is a simple way to keep an eye on the products on stock and the ones that need a fresh supply. It is not as advanced as those for large businesses but it might do well in a small business environment, although we’d recommend proper testing and frequent data backups before deciding to rely on it completely.

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