Keep track of file operations in real-time from your Windows and .NET applications with the help of this professional-grade software solution.

  • CallbackFilter
  • Version :4.1.104
  • License :Shareware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :EldoS Corporation

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CallbackFilter Description

CallbackFilter is an advanced and reliable development kit aimed at programmers who wish to monitor as well as control disk activity, enabling them to track documents and folder operations, such as creating, reading, writing, renaming and other such tasks, executed by other people.

The user-mode APIs offered by the software are intended for usage with .NET Framework, VCL, and C++, being meant to enable the filter and configure the callback rules. It counts around twenty callback functions.

With the help of this SDK, users can fully decide who and under what circumstances files can be accessed, being able to encrypt and decrypt data with ease. Permission schemas can be assigned to ensure only allowed actions can be performed by end users, as file system level.

Moreover, CallbackFilter includes security measures and strong encryption algorithms, so protected files can be accessed only with a correct password and with a preferred application, limiting or eliminating unwanted reading of files.

With the help of this development kit, programmers will be able to integrate interception capabilities for all system calls performed by end-users, analyzing it to determine whether to allow or forbid it.

The auditing operation can use any parameters, including size or location, as the tool intercepts any request before it is executed. CallbackFilter supports the creation of virtual files and directories, which are recognized by the host system as real, despite not being located on the disk.

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