Caché Monitor Home Edition

Access, configure, manage and administer various components of InterSystems Caché databases with this Java-based development tool.

  • Caché Monitor Home Edition
  • Version :2.83
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Andreas Schneider

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Caché Monitor Home Edition Description

Caché Monitor Home Edition is a comprehensive utility, designed to provide you with easy access to InterSystems Caché databases. It can help you browse and organize data, view it in multiple formats and import or export information.

Manage Caché servers

The application features a server navigator that allows you to browse and administer InterSystems Caché databases. You can create servers groups, to help you organize connections.

The application lists all namespaces and allows you to navigate between them easily. You can view various database objects, such as classes, tables, indexes, procedures, constraints and functions.

The program offers a Data Inspector function, designed to help you view table cell values in various formats, such as HTML, text, XML and binary.

Access various types of databases

Caché Monitor Home Edition also enables you to connect to databases created with other DBMS systems, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle.

The application can perform queries and allows you to view various database objects, so you can avoid having to use another utility to manage multiple types of connections.

Import and export data

Caché Monitor Home Edition enables you to export data to CSV files. All you need to to is access the Server Navigator, select a namespace, then choose the information you wish to export.

The application also offers an Export Wizard, which can be used to save a large amount of data in one operation.

You can export connection definitions to an XML file, then load them again at a later date, to override all the existing connections in the Server Navigator.

All in all, Caché Monitor Home Edition is a complex utility, designed to help you easily manage InterSystems Caché databases. It combines various tools and also supports multiple other database management systems, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

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