ByteShift Reveal

Open and view PDF files with ease, print their content and manipulate content with this straightforward and easy to use application.

  • ByteShift Reveal
  • Version :1.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :ByteShift Ltd

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ByteShift Reveal Description

The latest versions of Windows come with an integrated and modern PDF reader that delivers a basic toolset for viewing and manipulating such files. However, if you are still not into the modern, fullscreen interface of Windows 8 and up apps, you might want to give ByteShift Reveal a try.

A windowed alternative to the native PDF reader of Windows 8 and later

This particular application is nothing more than an alternative to the native PDF reader in Windows 8 and up, enabling you to open, view, print and manage the content of your documents.

Aside from the windowed interface and more accessible ribbon-based toolbar, there is nothing more that differentiates the two. In other words, their functionality is essentially the same.

Read, print, and search PDF documents

With a plain look and options that are one-click away, ByteShift Reveal enables you to open, view and print PDF documents, providing navigation options to scroll through multi-page files, as well as simple selection tools.

Unfortunately, it does not allow you to open more than one document at a time. You can, however, open multiple instances of the application and view a distinct document in each.

You can use ByteShift Reveal to rotate the pages of the opened document and zoom in the content, either with the mouse wheel or using the dedicated toolbar buttons. The ‘Find’ option enables you to search the document content for a specific keyword. Opened documents can be easily shared with others via some of the most popular social networks.

A good PDF reader that needs improvements to gain popularity

ByteShift Reveal is not by far as powerful as its direct competitors. While it does its job well, there are additional features that would make it more sought after among users. For instance, being able to export the PDF document to other formats would be a real plus. Not to mention more advanced search options or basic editing, commenting or signing capabilities, which would bring it closer to the competition.

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