Bytescout Screen Capturing

Capture activity on screen for the entire display, custom region, or following the mouse, as well as from a connected webcam with output saved as WMV or AVI.

  • Bytescout Screen Capturing
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :ByteScout

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Bytescout Screen Capturing Description

There’s a lot of activity going on your screen, and there’s a high chance you want to share it with others, even if it’s for the purpose of testing. In case the default screenshot method is not enough, you’re good in the hands of specialized applications like Bytescout Screen Capturing which capture everything into video format.

Intuitive design quickly gets you up and running

With little time spend in the setup process, you get the chance to take it for a spin before you realize. A pretty intuitive panel shows up on launch, with several recording options at your disposal, possibility to play the previous recording, as well as a quick access button to the settings panel.

It’s a good idea to pay a visit to the settings panel first in order to adjust how the application behaves. Inside the general tab you find sections to enable audio recording, with options to select device, video size options, as well as a load of quality adjustment options for the two formats it can generate, namely AVI and WMV.

Capture from screen or webcam

There’s also an extra panel you can use to decide whether or not you want to capture the mouse. In case of positive feedback, you can show a mouse hotspot with a custom size radius and color, as well as the possibility to have animation effects for mouse clicks and buttons. This comes in pretty handy for building tutorials.

The recording session can be initiated for your entire screen, a fixed region, or simply following your mouse based on the defined region in the settings panel. On the other hand, the application is also capable of capturing from a connected webcam.

To end with

Bottom line is that recording your screen is a pretty popular activity today, and it’s good to use the proper set of tools. Bytescout Screen Capturing manages to live up to expectations, letting you capture a video either from a custom section of the screen, as well as a connected webcam.

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