Gather and control all your social media accounts from a single platform in order to send one-click bulk announcements to all accounts, track brand mentions, and schedule posts.

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BuzzBundle Description

BuzzBundle is a professional software application designed specifically for helping you post multiple messages on online social platforms. It comes in handy especially if you work in the social media marketing, brand management or market research field, as it allows you to keep an eye on discussions related to your brand.

This is a Java-based program so you need to install the working environment on your computer.

User-friendly looks

The utility delivers a streamlined interface which gives you the possibility to get started with adding streams to find discussions or connecting a profile. It offers support for a multi-tabbed layout so you can open and tweak different projects at the same time.

BuzzBundle makes use of projects in order to help you organize your campaigns. You can build an unlimited number of campaign keywords, websites or competitors’ websites, so as to be able to find and join related conversations. In addition, you may connect one or multiple social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube) to BuzzBundle.

You may easily switch between your profiles, save the current project or all opened ones to your computer so you can alter them in the future, as well as perform searches throughout all your social networks.

Each project provides quick access to several key features of the program, such as Streams, My Activities, Keyword Groups, Personas & Profiles, Private messages and Browser.

Working with streams

BuzzBundle calls streams a flow of social media discussions (posts and dialogues) found by the mentions of your keywords and URLs or imported from a social media profile of your choice. You can make the utility hide the contents of a stream and reveal discussions in a simple list, and rebuild the stream.

What’s more, you are allowed to send messages, reply to other users, and add a post to your social network or schedule it.

Activities and keyword groups

The application gives you the possibility to add custom notes in a calendar so you can easily track your activities, as well as view scheduled or published posts and videos.

Keywords are of vital importance for your campaigns as they represent the topics of your interest. The utility shows you posts in which keywords are present, and you may also include URLs into your keyword group.

Personas and profiles

A user may have multiple virtual personas and each of them can have multiple profiles on forums, blogs and social networking sites. You may automatically create new social profiles directly from the app’s GUI.

Each online social network can be managed using various features. For example, when it comes to Twitter, you may monitor mentions, send and schedule tweets, post tweet replies, as well as retweet.

Private messages, browser and other handy features

You are given the freedom to send messages or remove dialogues and work with a built-in browser that sports a multi-tabbed layout.

Last but not least, you may mark important discussions as your favorite ones, join important conversations right from your stream, find reviews and recommendations, and send one-click bulk announcements to all accounts.

An overall powerful and efficient media marketing tool

All in all, BuzzBundle integrates an advanced and intuitive suite of features for helping you track conversations related to your company/brand and competitor, as well as post announcements to multiple social networks. On the downside, the app eats up a lot of CPU and memory resources, so the overall performance of the computer may be burdened.

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