An easy to install and configure audio broadcasting application that fits well on your computer and allows you to share music with others.

  • butt
  • Version :0.1.15
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Daniel Noethen

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butt Description

butt or ‘broadcast using this tool’ is an application especially designed to help you stream audio content using online services such as ShoutCast and IceCast.

The application displays a comprehensive interface, a bit on the ‘old-school’ side of graphics but one that genuinely works and feels right. You get basic controls for play, stop and record, as well as a panel which tells you when you’re on air and shows the elapsed streaming time.

While active, you can toggle an ‘Info’ panel and have ‘broadcast using this tool’ show you various information such as connection type, codec, bitrate and samplerate. Everything about the application is fairly straightforward and is easy to configure even if you’re a first time user.

‘broadcast using this tool’ enables you to choose the audio device, add a custom server or choose from a list of available ones which can be either ShoutCast or IceCast. Besides the service connection, the application also allows you to attach information about your station. You can add a name, a short description for it, genre, as well as URL, ICQ, IRC, AIM info.

Depending on your Internet connection, the output quality of the stream can he adjusted in terms of bitrate and samplerate. You are also able to set the channel to mono or stereo and choose between an MP3 or OGG codec.

A good feature that ‘broadcast using this tool’ is fitted with is the ability to stream and record at different bitrates. To do this, all you need is to select the recording quality, set the destination folder and click the record button.

In closing, ‘broadcast using this tool’ is a comprehensive little streaming utility that can definitely help you share your tracks with other music lovers from all over and record your sessions in case you want to.

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