Business Process Manager

Keep your business in tip-top shape and ensure that your profits are a certitude by resorting to this approachable piece of software.

  • Business Process Manager
  • Version : 2.40
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Dynamic Applications

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Business Process Manager Description

Putting your decisions into perspective and being able to anticipate costs, as well as deal with the unpredictable, should be among the prerogatives of a seasoned project manager or any other individual trying to turn an idea into profit.

And since planning takes considerable time and effort, a software solution assisting you in the process is a must-have, with Business Process Manager being a great example in this sense.

Lets you simulate the costs involved by your business

First of all, you need to know that Business Process Manager is an application aimed mainly at users trying to start a project they want to be as profitable as possible.

To be more specific, the software utility enables you to start cost simulations that would make you aware of all the variables that you may need to deal with, in order to be prepared for any scenario.

There are a multitude of parameters that you can integrate into the input value panel, such as the number of employees, salary per hour, work hours, work days, fixed cost, fixed income, tasks, material and parts, process sales prices, and much more.

A multitude of parameters can be tweaked

Other than that, a target value panel, with details such as bank account balance, net income, net profit, total employee cost, total production cost, and more being there to give you hints as to the progress of your business.

Note that time parameters are also included so that you easily analyze how your business develops, with the results graph being there to give you a detailed view of the entire matter. The “Settings” menu enables you to adjust the interval you are interested in, with the possibility of selecting the time unit as well.

In case you consider all these features demanding, rest assured since resorting to the “Main” menu provides you with a simulation model you can use as a starting point.

A handy tool aimed at financial growth

All in all, Business Process Manager is a handy app for users trying to keep an eye on their financial quest. It can simulate and calculate the expenses you may encounter while starting a business, with a multitude of parameters being close at hand.

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