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Effortlessly copy or backup your DVD movies without compromising their quality by relying on this user-friendly piece of software.

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Burn DVD Movie Now Description

With its pretty self-explanatory name, Burn DVD Movie Now is a simplistic, one-purpose piece of software that makes it as straightforward as possible for you to burn DVD movies to DVD discs with all their included menus, subtitles, special features and languages and without any loss of quality.

Compatible with most DVD burners, all DVD disc types and supports both NTSC and PAD DVD movies

First off, you should know this utility supports both DVD-5 and DVD-9 formats. This means that you can split a DVD-9 into two of the former discs.

It is also worth mentioning that Burn DVD Movie Now works with almost all burners out there and with all types of DVD discs, namely DVD-R, DVD+R and even rewritable discs, DVD+RW.

While we are still on the subject, we should also point out that it is perfectly capable of copying both NTSC and PAD DVD movies.

Hassle-free utility for burning DVDs

Getting to grips with the application is by no accounts a challenge. Subsequent to its streamlined and surprise-free installation process, the application meets greets you with its compact and simplistic main window.

The workflow is based around an overly-simplistic wizard, and there are no extra menus or features, except those that are on display. This said, simply choose which drive you want to backup, select the DVD movie files from their location and hit the ‘Start’ button from the lower part of the main window.

Burn DVDs without any quality compromises with the help of this simple app

Last but not least, please note that, at least in theory, the app should burn the DVDs without any quality loss what-so-ever, regardless of the audio signal being Dolby Multi-Channel-based.

To conclude, if you are looking for a no-frills software solution for backing up or copying DVDs, then Burn DVD Movie Now might be worth a quick spin.

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