Compress your files or open archives with this efficient application that offers encryption protection and supports formats like RAR, ZIP, SFX, 7Z, TAR and many more.

  • BulkZip
  • Version :7.5.5334
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Northstone Consulting Ltd.

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BulkZip Description

BulkZip is a powerful and easy to use archiving suite that can generate AES-256 encrypted files. The application is highly intuitive and users can simply drag and drop source files in order to process them.

Can be highly beneficial to users that store large folders on disk

The resource is useful for anyone that relies on archives in order to store information. Given the fact that the program can open most compressed files, the resource is also handy for unpacking documents. Otherwise, anyone that keeps large folders on their disk for a long time can benefit from this tool.

BulkZip features a highly intuitive interface that newcomers will find very pleasant and informative. Little functionality has been sacrificed when the GUI was designed and advanced users will appreciate the archive size estimates. The program operates mostly with buttons and fields in plain sight, but menu items also exist for some advanced features.

Can unpack multiple types of archives and pack using some of the most common ones

Essentially, there are two uses for this resource: compressing and unpacking documents. On the latter side, the tool supports most common formats, both old and new (such as ZIP, ISO, RAR, CAB, JAR and NZ). File associations are allowed, which is a great method of streamlining the user experience!

As a document compressor, the software can load single or multiple files of any extension and generate ZIP, 7Z, NZ, NPAQ or ARC archives. Self-extracting EXEs can also be created. Depending on the chosen archive format, users can also specify the level of compression, but also the password (supports both AES-128 and 256 encryption).

Archives can be divided into several parts

The application supports generating multi volume files. Output archives can be split into multiple items of user-defined size, which is a great function when dealing with storage media of limited capacity.

To sum up, BulkZip is a good archiving application, that could see some improvement on the side of the number of supported output formats (e.g. RAR).

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