Bulk Device USB Transfer

A software solution designed for companies that provide their employees with iOS devices and require a batch transfer solution to machines.

  • Bulk Device USB Transfer
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  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Macroplant LLC

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Bulk Device USB Transfer Description

The capacity to store data has increased exponentially in the last years, yet the transfer options remain the same. You can send files over the WiFi, or you can connect devices via USB. However, there are flaws which disqualify each solution; the WiFi can handle simultaneous transfers, but it is slow. USB cables provide high-speed transfers, but you cannot upload a file to multiple devices. Bulk Device USB Transfer is a solution to distribute data to several iOS devices at once.

A straightforward and simple-to-use application

The software is designed to be as easy to use and to get the job done as efficiently as possible. The installation process is uneventful, and you can utilize the program straight away. The interface is not what you would call complicated, but you can understand its simplicity.

One one side, you can drag and drop files, and on the other side, you can view the transfer progress to the connected devices. You can distribute as many files as you wish to as many iPhones, iPods, iPads you can link via USB.

Bulk transfer capabilities with uncomplicated settings

The application can copy files with speeds up to 29 MB per second over USB 3.0 ports to all connected devices. It is designed to be of use to companies with plenty of machines at their disposal, and to exclude the utilization of the slower WiFi.

There are not too many settings you can tweak; you can define a location, blacklist certain devices, and limit the number of simultaneous transfers. The software cannot copy items to machines that do not utilize the iOS.

A software solution for quick distribution of information

In conclusion, Bulk Device USB Transfer is a custom piece of software designed to help organizations copy data to multiple handheld iOS devices. It provides a simple workflow, and it can reach fast transfer speeds. The price is pretty steep, yet its functionality can be well worth the money.

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