BS1 Enterprise Accounting

An efficient application that is designed to help users organize their business or keep track of any changes made in the company by editing client and vendor databases or creating reports.

  • BS1 Enterprise Accounting
  • Version :2016.8
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Davis Software

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BS1 Enterprise Accounting Description

Keeping a sales business alive is a difficult task, but it all becomes easier with the help of specialized computer applications. With enhanced processing power, data can be created and exported in the blink of an eye, with BS1 Enterprise Accounting being a suitable example of powerful accounting applications.

Well-organized, customizable interface

The application is cleverly designed to let you work only with the tools you need so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the abundance of features. A compact window lets you quickly bring up each utility which comes with a dedicated window you can arrange as you see fit.

Although the application’s simplistic, yet highly intuitive design gets you quickly up and running, there’s also a rich help manual in case you get stuck along the way. Before rushing to put the application to good use, you might want to take your time and create databases of customers, stock items, vendors and more.

Easily set up databases

Adding a new record is incredibly easy, with no field being mandatory for confirmation. However, there are thorough details that can be added, from personal and business items to terms and conditions, alternative contacts or additional notes. This is available for all databases you create, as well as the feature to export to file for more processing.

Issue various reports and invoices

You can easily access all areas of interest from the main menu window, sections which are stored in a drop-down menu. Multiple companies can be managed at the same time, with the window-based designed enhancing practicability.

What’s more, invoices, payments or sales orders are instantly generated, with an abundance of customization options. Starting from currency, which is a value you manually set according to market standards, to warehouse details, date and shipping info, data can be viewed before printing it out on a sheet of paper or saved locally.

A few last words

To sum it up, BS1 Enterprise Accounting is not oriented towards a single business type, because it perfectly blends in because of the abundance of customization options. The intuitive design gets you quickly up and running, giving you the possibility to handle multiple companies at a time, with accurate, professional results.

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