Broken X Disk Manager

Create multiple compact databases to easily catalog files, whole disks, CDs/DVDs, or entire directories, and change the overall appearance of a less cluttered layout.

  • Broken X Disk Manager
  • Version :4.13 Build 2374
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Kevin Fucik

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Broken X Disk Manager Description

Broken X Disk Manager is a comprehensive yet easy-to-use application designed to provide an efficient method to catalog and arrange your documents, images, CDs, or different folders, store them locally on the computer, and password-protect them from uninvited individuals.

Configure your database using an intuitive layout

It’s wrapped in a neatly structured and clean interface that displays a file browser on the left side of the window, only after reading the disk, and a more detailed view of the content, on the right. For a simpler look, you can disable various bars, from the menu.

To start, make a new database, and then choose the mode you want: read an entire disk, an image (e.g. ISO, IMG, CUE), or an inserted CD/DVD. For the first choice, you have to set the drive, input a relevant title and description, and choose in which database should be part of. The process time may vary from a computer to another.

Enter important details about each file and find items swiftly

Once done, the content is structured in a tree, similar with the Windows one, where you can easily browse your files. Each record and folder can be secured with a custom password, and edited with descriptions, categories or extra info, to identify them easily.

It’s possible to look for duplicates and delete them, as well as search for particular files, using various criteria, such as date, size, title, or group. What’s more, you have the option to clean up specific items and directories you don’t need anymore. However, pay attention to each step, as removed records can’t be retrieved.

Customize the menu’s appearance and export the data

From the menu, the tool lets you change the appearance, by hiding different toolbars, and by switching between small or large icons, thumbnails, or list. In addition, from options, you can configure general and advanced settings to best fit your preferences. The database may be exported to BXD or XML file formats.

To sum it up

The bottom line is that Broken X Disk Manager is a reliable and accessible program created to offer an easy method to catalog your personal and work-related documents, folders or whole disks, and manage it efficiently. It’s recommended to take a bit of time to get familiarized with its functions.

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