A flexible payroll application with HMRC recognition that can be used in any business environment, regardless of the company size.

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BrightPay Description

BrightPay is a payroll and employee management application that addresses companies of all sizes, providing accountants with the tools they require for scheduling payments and printing payslips.

With its stylish tab-based interface, BrightPay allows convenient access to all the common tasks related to payroll. Without any effort, you can add new employees to the database, view and edit payroll summaries, generate complete payslip reports, edit company data, configure a HMRC payment schedule or create and send RTI submissions.

Ensuring full HMRC recognition, The RTI module offers support for ‘Employer Alignment Submissions’ (EAS), ‘Full Payment Submissions’ (which are automatically generated and updated by the application throughout the year), ‘Employer Payment Summaries’ (EPS), ‘NINO Verification Requests’ (NVR) and ‘Earlier Year Updates’ (EYU), allowing you to complete the forms, print, export or send them to HMRC. Furthermore, BrightPay notifies you when a submission’s deadline is approaching.

The application allows weekly, 4-weekly, monthly and fortnightly payments, supports statutory pay, annual, hourly and daily rates and enables you to choose between multiple payment methods, such as credit transfer, cash and cheque. Also, it can take into consideration deductions and additions (bonuses, commissions, dividends, expense reimbursements, loans, etc.).

Contact information about each employee can be stored and leaves, taxes, insurances, holiday payments, pension or savings schemes can be included in the reports. Payslips can be printed, sent via e-mail or exported to the local computer in PDF format.

BrightPay gives you a helping hand in managing payments to your employees, allowing the creation of multiple, distinct payroll schedules. It combines ease of use with advanced reporting options, which results in a versatile utility capable of adapting to the requirements of all businesses, regardless of their dimension or the sector they belong to.

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