Easy-to-use HTML editor and code generator with support for CSS and JavaScript, featuring a live preview function, syntax highlighting and autocompletion.

  • Brackets
  • Version: 1.10 Build 1.10.0-17483
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Adobe

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Brackets Description

Brackets is an approachable code editor designed for young developers who work with projects in CSS, HTML and JavaScript. It has a very pleasant interface with simple lines that make the entire workspace enjoyable.

Hassle-free installer and attractive GUI

Setting up the program takes little time and effort. The main window is split into two main areas, namely the code editor and sidebar with working files to easily switch through.

Syntax highlighting and autocomplete

Syntax highlighting is supported for the aforementioned languages, along with intelligent code completion to speed up the coder’s job by reducing mistakes. Plus, the app can be asked to automatically close all braces. The lines are numbered, and the status bar shows the cursor’s current line and column.

Standard editing tools

It is possible to use a search-and-replace function with filters, indent, unindent or duplicate lines, as well as to toggle line and block comments. As far as viewing options are concerned, the font size may be increased, decreased and restored to its original value. Brackets is also able to highlight the active line, and it lets users quickly jump to code definitions.

Developer tools

Several debugging tools are included in the package. Users may reload Brackets with extensions, open new instances, change the UI language, run tests, view performance data, enable a node debugger and log its state to the console, and so on. Projects can be saved as web or text files.

Performance and conclusion

The app does not put a strain on PC performance, as it runs on low CPU and RAM. Unfortunately, a few features were inaccessible during our evaluation. For instance, the tool failed in its attempt to load the Live Development page.

To sum it up, Brackets is a very easy-to-use code editor that reserves advanced settings for experienced programmers, backed by a comfortable and neatly organized interface.

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