Borderless Gaming

Skip the time consuming Alt-Tabs and enjoy playing your favorite games in a continuous window without any borders thanks to this utility.

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  • Publisher:Andrew Sampson

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Borderless Gaming Description

Borderless Gaming is a tiny, but useful tool that enables you to play your favorite video games that are available in windowed mode only in fullscreen.

It optimizes games to be streamed at any resolution

First off, it is worth mentioning that for the app to work, you need to make sure that the game or application you are running is in windowed mode. Moreover, in case the application you need to run in fullscreen does not have graphic settings and has no reasonable option in this sense, then you can consider posting about it in the Steam community forum to get some help.

The idea behind the tool is to lend you a hand with running the app in fullscreen and streaming at any desired resolution, regardless if the function exists or not. The highlight stems from the fact that it does so without you having to worry about alt-tabbing to look for a tutorial in the browser or change your music, for instance. Most importantly, it prevents crashes that commonly result from switching between various apps.

Designed to work smoothly with multiple monitors

Functionality-wise, the tool is as simple to use as it looks. Therefore, once you enable the windowed mode in-game or inside the app, you open the program and it takes care of the rest. The idea behind the app is to remove the load time for switching between games and apps in a safe manner that does not affect the functionality of what you are accessing in any way.

While it works great with one monitor, its real power is unleashed when you use multiple monitors. Not only does it detects all active windows running on your system, but you can switch back to windowed mode with just one click. In addition, some users stated that the tool also allows you to select the monitor the game is played on without you having to change the primary display.

A reliable app for launching apps in fullscreen without any side effects

All things considered, Borderless Gaming is a utility designed to help you make the most out of your fullscreen gaming mode, but without having to worry about crashes and other negative effects associated with Alt+Tab.

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