Bopup IM Suite

An Instant Messaging (IM) and chat server-client system for encrypted communications that can be used inside any company’s network.

  • Bopup IM Suite
  • Version : 5.1.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :B Labs

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Bopup IM Suite Description

Bopup IM Suite has been designed as a secure communication system that includes both the server and the client required to ensure seamless collaboration between users within the same company.

With the help of this tool, administrators can build efficient internal instant messaging systems over a corporation’s network and can also manage it from a centralized console.

Business-grade collaboration capabilities

The suite comes with all of the necessary tools to deploy an IM service that meets critical business needs, including support for Active Directory (LDAP) and the logging of messages and file transfers.

The included Bopup Communication Server console allows administrators to create and manage accounts, to add users into groups, and to apply specific permissions for each account. The tool also includes support for encrypting messages, delivering increased security even when data is sent over the Internet.

Distribute files and messages

The program includes support for distributing news messages to multiple users at the same time, as well as for delivering individual files to all users. Administrators can do that effortlessly, through intuitively designed wizards.

The server dashboard allows system administrators to manage the settings of IM clients from a single interface. Moreover, they can update all clients from the same tool, and can restrict user access to the communication system’s important settings.

Full-featured IM client

The included Instant Messaging client allows users to take advantage of all of the features and capabilities of popular IM applications out there. Thus, they can send and receive text messages, smileys, links and files, and can also manage their contacts lists.

Both the server console and the IM client are easy-to-use and fast. They are accompanied by a Bopup Oserver, which keeps track of received messages, and by a Setup.ini Configuration Tool that allows admins to define the same set of settings for all IM clients they want to deploy.

A reliable communication program

All in all, Bopup IM Suite is a robust instant messaging solution that includes both the server and client components needed for deploying a complete communication system within a company. It provides administrators with simple and efficient account management capabilities, the client can be deployed quickly on multiple machines, and all of the communications are encrypted for increased security.

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