Book Writer

Unleash your imagination upon a virtual sheet of paper to easily create a book with the help of this lightweight, yet powerful application.

  • Book Writer
  • Version :5.50.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Yadu Digital Inc

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Book Writer Description

Even though the pen and paper writing method is slowly becoming extinct, it does not mean pieces of fiction or fairy tales do so as well. The computer provides a suitable environment to write down thoughts and tell stories with the help of text editing applications, such as Book Writer.

Create multiple volumes, chapters and parts

One of the main advantages of the application is that it can run on any configuration due to the clever optimization. It takes up roughly about 10 Mb of space on your hard disk drive and uses a barely noticeable amount of system resources.

The main interface is equipped with all available features, without the need to open multiple windows. Your workspace is split into two sections, one of which is where all text goes. The other is mainly a side panel where you can structure your book into volumes, chapters and parts for easier identification. Moreover, an integrated search engine lets you quickly look up desired elements.

Keep track of every detail

The application puts all necessary text editing tools at your disposal so that you can resize, change font and carefully adjust paragraphs. Before editing becomes possible, you must first select the desired element from the side panel, each opening in a separate tab.

Furthermore, you are able to keep track of nearly any detail in your book, for increased accuracy and decreased chance of errors. A tab lets you create a database of all characters from the current project, where you can add everything there is to know. The same can be done for places, events and even additional notes to help you write down rough ideas for further development.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Book Writer is a neat text editing application oriented to writers. It uses a considerable low amount of resources compared to other specialized writing tools which makes it accessible to anyone while the amount dedicated features assure you no idea or detail is forgotten.

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