BOINC Monitor

Monitor the progress of your BOINC tasks with the help of this lightweight, reliable and easy-to-use sidebar gadget with fully customizable appearance.

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BOINC Monitor Description

BOINC Monitor is a small gadget that displays the BOINC tasks progress right on your desktop.

It comes packed with several customization preferences that can be seamlessly figured out by all user levels.

The interface is based on a very small frame that you can move to any position on the screen, with the help of the mouse cursor.

Once the file path to the BOINC application is specified, you can view all tasks and their progress bars, sorted in the order of completion.

As far as configuration is concerned, you can set the app to automatically scale the DPI, enable update notifications, select the calculation method between standard and advanced mode, show active WUs only, disable sounds when the flyout opens or closes, as well as customize the colors for the background and text, and so on. Settings can be restored to their factory values with the click of a button.

As expected, BOINC Monitor has minimal impact on computer performance, using low CPU and RAM. It has a good refresh rate and displays accurate information. We have not come across any issues throughout our evaluation, since the tool did not hang, crash or pop up error dialogs.

All in all, BOINC Monitor comes in handy to all users who want to get an overview of their BOINC tasks progress right on their desktop.

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