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View and manage PDF files while you also stay online with the integrated web browser, all provided by this practical software application.

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Bluebeam Vu Description

Most important documents are found in PDF file types. This offers increased security because they cannot be modified, eliminating the risk of accidental editing. Specialized applications like Bluebeam Vu give you the possibility to view and manage them.

Visually appealing interface

Much effort was put into design, and this is the first thing that strikes you when running the program. Colors blend in with any content you analyze, and every option you can take advantage of has its own polished icon.

Access the integrated web browser

Every imported document is placed in a separate tab for quick access. Furthermore, these can also be used to store web content, thanks to an integrated browser. It is fully functional, and proves to be helpful if documentation is required, so you don’t have to run another application, thus saving you time. Pages can be bookmarked, in case you need to frequently visit specific pages.

Various tools to work with

Aside from the basic navigation options, several more advanced features are put at your disposal. The “Markup” tool allows you to view any author specific comments and edit them. Furthermore, if you have to work with technical documents, several measuring instruments are made available. From the simple ruler to volume and counter, they are all found in the “Measure” option.

Personalize the user interface

Seeing how you might not need to use every provided option at a time, literally everything can be toggled to be visible in the main window. All available buttons can disappear with a mouse click, and side panels can be hidden for a greater view space.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Bluebeam Vu is a neat PDF viewer. Its pretty visuals make it a little resource hungry but this does not stop it from doing a good job. Given the integrated web browser it makes for a helpful partner overall.

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