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Search for and download hundreds of images that feature a certain label from Blogspot or Tumblr automatically with this user-friendly application.

  • Blogspot/Tumblr Image Downloader
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Blogspot/Tumblr Image Downloader Description

Since the world wide web is a dynamic environment, there is a certain probability that you cannot find the same content you view today on a certain website in one week from now.

As the name suggests, Blogspot/Tumblr Image Downloader is a small application that allows you to download photos you like from these specific sources for later use.

Minimalistic, yet user-friendly interface

The interface is quite simple and some users would even describe it as slightly dull. Nevertheless, it is split into three main areas that also account for the steps you need to take to get started.

More precisely, you can specify the Blogspot or Tumblr page you want to grab the images from along with the location you want to save them to the upper section. Afterwards, you can type certain keywords or tags for the photos you are interested in and start downloading them.

Downloaded photos are neatly organized in folders

It it worth mentioning that the application saves the specified pictures neatly organized in folders in the location you previously selected.

The feature surely comes in handy when you want to download numerous photos from a larger Blogspot page or from multiple Tumblr accounts.

While it does its job, the application saves the pictures in JPEG format and it could be useful if it allowed you to choose the image file format.

Enables you to create a thematic album in no time

Blogspot/Tumblr Image Downloader enables you to grab numerous photos quickly and painlessly. In case you intend to collect certain types of images for later use or just for fun, the app can help you achieve this goal.

On the other hand, the app does not offer any suggestions in terms of related tags or keywords, nor does it let you preview and select the photos to be downloaded. In addition, to get started, you have to search for and find Blogspot and Tumblr pages yourself.

A good option for a niche blogger

If you are planning to keep your blog updated on a daily basis and you constantly need fresh or interesting photos for your content, then Blogspot/Tumblr Image Downloader can be a solution to your problem.

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