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You can manually check and quickly preview a multitude of websites or blogs by loading the list of URLs into this simple application.

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Blog Checker Description

Blog Checker is a simple, yet reliable tool that enables you to open and verify several websites in a quick and simple manner. The application can facilitate the checking of the required URLs, in a quick succession since the program can automatically access the addresses. The browser function enables you to preview each website.

Load and check website list

Blog Checker can reduce the time you spend reviewing websites, especially by allowing you to avoid constantly copying and pasting the URLs. The program can read the list of URLs and automatically open all the website addresses in a fast succession.

The browser component in the program can simplify your task: you do not need to constantly switch between the application and the browser. Instead, you can select the dedicated tab in the program’s interface. Blog Checker can come in handy when you need to check large lists of URLs, you simply load the text file, then switch to the browser tab to view the website contents.

Configure the URL lists

Blog Checker requires a minimal configuration before you can start the website viewing. Thus, the Categories tab allows you to enter various nodes or subnodes, representing the website types. You can easily modify the structure if the categories and subcategories of each link are of importance. Otherwise, if all the URLs belong to the same category, the tab can be ignored.

The Settings tab is where you load the text file containing the website addresses, as well as where you set the log file. It can also display the contents of the text file you imported, as well as the status of each URL.

Rate the websites you view

Blog Checker allows you to grant a positive or negative rating to each website you preview. It is a suitable solution in case you need to increase the visitor counter for the specified URLs or for quickly checking broken links. Moreover, the tool can automate an important part of your task of checking links.

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