Blackmagic Desktop Video

A practical and straightforward set of tools that help you to capture and playback various video and audio files, as well as create 3D clips.

  • Blackmagic Desktop Video
  • Version :10.9.5
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Blackmagic Design

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Blackmagic Desktop Video Description

Blackmagic Desktop Video is a comprehensive and useful application geared towards users who need to configure their video card in order to enhance its performance and use its functions in a secure way.

Since it includes not only drivers and plugins, but also programs especially intended for capturing and playing video files or performing disk speed tests, the application enables you to make the most out of your Blackmagic video hardware.

It includes three utilities, namely Blackmagic Desktop Video, Blackmagic Media Express and Disk Speed Test that help you to capture and playback video and audio files, as well as measure the read and write performance of storage media.

Use your favorite third-party software

One important thing to keep in mind about this application is that it integrates seamlessly with your favorite Adobe, Apple, Autodesk and Avid software.

For instance, if you want to display your Adobe After Effects composition in real-time through your Blackmagic hardware, simply navigate to the ‘Video Preview’ option from the Preferences menu, select the video output that best suits your needs then use a broadcast monitor in order to view your After Effects compositions.

Capture clips in Blackmagic Media Express and playback your video and audio files

Once you launch Blackmagic Media Express, an intuitive and user-friendly interface will be displayed from where you can import your media files or capture any video you want.

Still, before performing any actions, you need to navigate to the Preferences window and change the video format, the capture file format and choose whether to stop capture or playback if dropped frames are detected.

After that, all you have to do is to connect a video source, then capture all the videos you are interested in. Additionally, you are able to playback files after importing media into Blackmagic Media Express, create and use bins and choose the clips you want to send to tape.

Measure the read and write performance effortlessly

By using Disk Speed Test you are able to check if the disk performance is adequate by performing several tests in order to reveal the video formats for which the disk performance might be marginal.

The Settings button enables you to select the target device you are interested in and save the current screenshot for further analysis.

Make the most of your Backmagic video hardware

To wrap it up, Blackmagic Desktop Video comes in handy for users who need to boost the performance of their Blackmagic video hardware using intuitive and practical tools. They can easily capture and playback video files, adjust the analog video output, as well as import and export video frames.

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