BlackFog Privacy

Keep track of your network traffic in real-time so you can detect potential security leaks and data collection activities using this app.

  • BlackFog Privacy
  • Version: 3.0.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:BlackFog Inc

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BlackFog Privacy Description

Even though you could think that your online activity may not be worth tracking, the abundance of trackers out there is here to contradict you. Moreover, your online life can reveal anything about you from whether you prefer cats to dogs to more sensitive information, such as medical conditions and financial status, for instance.

BlackFog Privacy is an application designed to help you monitor network traffic in real-time and block spyware, malware and other types of tracking from prying into your private life.

Enables you to delete private data from your PC

The highlight of the program stems from the fact that it allows you to identify logs and other types of data collected by the applications you have installed on your computer. Since it is likely that malicious apps store the information on multiple locations on your drives, the tool enables you to detect it and permanently erase them from your computer.

It is necessary to mention that the program comes with 3 types of secure deletion options, namely the US DoD Deletion standards. Therefore, not only does the app delete cookies and cache from your browsers, but it also overwrites the contents so it cannot be recovered.

Keep track of the data being collected

In addition to helping you maintain a clean computer, the program also provides you with real-time protection over unusual requests over the network. To put it simply, you can set alerts when various programs on your computer are attempting to connect to remote servers, so you can investigate further and determine what sort of information they are sending (feedback, URL suggestions, location, etc.).

Lastly, the application can help you make your online browsing experience overall more pleasant, especially since it allows you to block profiling and advertisements. Not only does this make navigation smoother, but it also removes trace activity that can be used for establishing your consumer behavior.

An excellent tool for safeguarding your privacy

If you want increased security while surfing the wed, then BlackFog Privacy can provide you with real-time protection and enable you to delete apps that are collecting your data for marketing or malicious intents.

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