Add interesting effects and convert your panorama pictures with the help of this straightforward and low-key photo editing application.

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Bixorama Description

Bixorama is a streamlined and efficient piece of software that aims to help you convert your panorama images.

Plainly speaking, Bixorama makes it possible for you to import panorama pictures, apply effects or simply export them to another format.

Straightforward and simple user interface

Subsequent to a standard installation process, you can start using this app straight out of the box without the need for any initial configuration process.

Upon first opening this simple app, you are greeted by a minimalist interface, represented by a single toolbar and a preview panel. While a ribbon toolbar with large buttons for its main functions would have been more practical, the actual toolbar does a fair job of offering you access to the app’s important features.

Comes with support for most popular image formats

Probably the first thing you need to know is that Bixorama comes with support for the most common panorama-specific type of files, namely MOV, DDS, JPG, PNG and BMP. Note that, regarding Apple’s QuickTime VR MOV format, the app does not support files with compressed headers.

As far as editing capabilities go, Bixorama provides you with a small collection of projections or effects for your panoramas.

The utility can apply interesting effects like ‘Latitude longitude’, ‘Horizontal Cross’, ‘Vertical Cross’, ‘Strip’, ‘Strip XYZ’, ‘Single files’, ‘Spheremap’, ‘Mirror ball’ and ‘Heart shaped’.

Import, export or edit panoramas

In addition, within the tool’s Settings window, you can choose the output resolution, JPG quality, file naming system, the colors for the background and foreground. Also, from the same window, you can choose the border dimensions, the texture scale, the contrast and other advanced parameters for the effects.

Taking all things into consideration, Bixorama is a useful software solution that makes it possible for you to export and convert your panoramas. The application can also help you add effects and edit your panoramas.

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