BitTorrent Download Thruster

Download accelerator tool for BitTorrent.

  • BitTorrent Download Thruster
  • Version :3.7.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Download Thrusters

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BitTorrent Download Thruster Description

BitTorrent Download Thruster is a software application used to accelerate the downloads and download speed used by BitTorrent.

The program is very helpful if you need to download torrent files more than occasionally, and speed is an important factor.

Complex search

BitTorrent Download Thruster was designed so that when a new download is initiated, will start to look for supplementary download sources.

The program has the ability to fully optimize your internet connection through an automatic configuration of the client to always use your bandwidth in the most efficient manner.

After installation, the download accelerator won’t need other configuration and will be fully compatible with your system’s settings.

Simple design

The user-friendly interface offers access to functions like acceleration details, network status and basic statistics including the type of connection, number of bytes both sent and received and many more.

The software application can search for additional sources at user-specified intervals, thus letting the user handle a different task.

Tray function

The program can also minimize into system tray for quicker and easier usage.

With the function to automatically clean downloaded or wrong files from the list you won’t have to worry about the program’s maintenance.

The developers have implemented the ability to shut down when downloads are complete, giving freedom to the user for other tasks.

Remembers settings

BitTorrent Download Thruster will save the last run configuration and initiate it on program load, saving time for the user.

The software application can let the user select the network interface he will like to use, in case in more than one interface is installed.

A graph with network statistics is placed in the main window, displaying real-time data for the user to see.

In order to start the accelerator, you must click on “Run BitTorrent” button and the process will begin.


BitTorrent Download Thruster is a great torrent download utility, helpful for users that download torrent files from the internet and require superior download speeds.

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