BitRock InstallBuilder Professional

A professional and efficient software utility designed to help you easily create installers for your application in an organized fashion.

  • BitRock InstallBuilder Professional
  • Version :17.6.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :BitRock

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BitRock InstallBuilder Professional Description

BitRock InstallBuilder Professional is an advanced and complex software solution created in order to simplify the packaging and deployment of your applications.

Uneventful install sequence and clear and simple interface

After you run the setup process for BitRock InstallBuilder Professional, you come face to face with a neatly-organized and intuitive graphic user interface constituted of a single window, a few menu bars and various functions disposed in sections for easy access.

The ergonomic layout the application comes with allows you to easily access the menus and features you require, while still providing you with an insightful overview of your entire workspace.

Creating professional installers with ease

With BitRock InstallBuilder Professional, you can package complex installers for your applications with a multitude of additional helpful files and options.

Besides specifying the name, vendor or filename of your product, you can also add other details and files, such as readme, license or HTML documents, thus creating a truly official and professional software utility.

When creating an installer with BitRock InstallBuilder Professional, you can specify the exact directories and paths your software utility will be installed in.

A vast array of advanced packaging tools

Once your project is loaded in BitRock InstallBuilder Professional, you can still edit the code sequence for your installer by using the built-in XML editor.

When creating an application with BitRock InstallBuilder Professional, you are given the option to choose from various operating systems, allowing you to generate a specific platform compatible piece of software.

BitRock InstallBuilder Professional puts at your disposal a debug and a test feature, in order to quickly

evaluate the functionality and the layout of your newly generated installer.

A complex and reliable solution for creating installer files

BitRock InstallBuilder Professional proves to be a versatile and efficient utility designed for those who need to create stable and competent installers for their applications with ease, in an organized environment.

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