BitGriff Mobile Exchange

A software utility that enables you to transfer photos, videos and any other kind of documents between your PC and mobile phone, using a wireless network.

  • BitGriff Mobile Exchange
  • Version :1.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :BitGriff LLC

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BitGriff Mobile Exchange Description

Since mobile phones are almost as capable as desktop systems when it comes to the supported applications and file operations, it is only natural that you are constantly transferring data between them. To do that, you require an USB connection cable, which does not really support high speeds and it is pretty uncomfortable to use most of the time.

Transfer files from your phone to your PC

BitGriff Mobile Exchange is a software utility that enables you to bypass this annoyance, by allowing you to connect the two devices using your wireless network, without the need for any cables or other forms of physical connection. Thus, you are able to transfer documents between them from anywhere in your house, at greater speeds as well.

In order to do that, you first need to configure the application on both your PC and your smartphone. Hence, after downloading and installing it, you also need to pair them together, so that they are allowed to exchange information. After the pairing is made, the utility displays the available devices and enables you to start copying content.

Copy any type of file format

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the application is its ability to allow the transfer of basically any kind of document, whether it is video, audio or text. Hence, regardless of what you are intending on copying, you should not confront with any issues when it comes to the extension of the desired files.

In addition, you can also configure the utility so that it creates backup folders, in which to store the transferred documents, in case anything goes wrong with any of the devices, or the wireless network signal loses strength. Moreover, you can also set up special inbox and mobile data folders on your computer, where you can automatically save the received files, without having to manually select them each time you transfer something.

A lightweight and handy utility

All in all, the purpose of BitGriff Mobile Exchange is quite clear and simple, but it performs you a great service when it comes to transfer speed and accessibility. In addition, the user interface is very lightweight and intuitive, both for the desktop and the mobile version of the application.

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